Many believe the 1947 Roswell incident directly led to world-altering products like transistor radios, music synthesizers, and of course, solid-body electric guitars. Since then, humans have dreamed of harnessing alien technology to create cables worthy of carrying audio signals from their source to your ears. The NEW Zaolla Silverline featuring Oyaide connectors—the only connectors compatible with alien conductors—has turned that dream into reality.

Our mission has always been to design and manufacture the finest cables in the world—regardless of cost. This means using superior materials and cutting-edge manufacturing technology to ensure optimum performance. At the heart of every Zaolla cable you will find a pure, solid-silver conductor. Compared to copper, silver offers less resistance and, hence, improves signal conductivity—translating to audio signals that exhibit deeper bass and pristine highs.

Beyond the solid-silver conductors, Zaolla Silverline cables are carefully constructed and optimized for specific applications. For example, Zaolla Silverline guitar cables utilize a sophisticated hybrid conductor combining the primary solid-silver core with a stranded-copper ancillary conductor to achieve flat frequency response for signals that remain true to the source. 

Never afraid to evolve and improve an already superior product, Zaolla Silverline has scoured the globe for the right connectors. In Oyaide, we found an attention to detail and passion to create something special. Oyaide connectors use the finest metals with manufacturing of the highest standards. The combination of Zaolla and Oyaide results in a cable with unparalleled signal transfer rates and best-in-class durability.